Denying Racism and Snow are the Same Thing

You know, I really understand where the people who say “racism is no longer a thing” are coming from.

For example, I’ve lived in California my whole life, and never, ever have I or any of my friends EVER experienced a snowstorm. Now there are a lot of people in this country who insist that snow exists. They keep trying to link me to articles with video evidence and first person experiences. Like, our Founding Fathers had to deal with snow, I get that — George Washington had to cross the Delaware on Christmas while it was snow storming and it was terrible — but snow really isn’t a thing anymore.

Honestly, I think people just use snow as an excuse to not go to work. They’re not willing to admit that their agriculture is inferior, so they blame it on the snow. Listen up, people. Let me tell you the harsh truth why California’s agricultural productivity is superior. Because we are willing to WORK HARD.

It’s so annoying when the media gets involved. All the weather channels on the East Coast cannot shut up about snow. Well, excuse me, but never once have any of my weather channels ever complained about impending snow storms. Period. I don’t understand why some people need to get so worked up about it.

Even if snow does exist, it only happens in the mountains or rural areas. If you look around on any given day, it just isn’t something the average American deals with.

There was an instance a few weeks ago where the Buffalo Bills canceled their Sunday game due to snowfall. Um, how can you say this is a “snow thing,” how could this POSSIBLY be a snow issue when teams on both the West Coast AND the East Cost played games that day?! The New York Jets and the New York Giants, teams that are in close proximity to the Bills, both carried on despite purported snow. So clearly, this is not a systemic thing. The Bills were just fishing for a reason to not play.

I’m so tired of people pulling the snow card. For goodness’ sake, we are living in a post-precipitation society. WAKE UP AMERICA. Lincoln (A REPUBLICAN) ended snow when he signed the Emancipation Proclamation. Next time, check your history facts before you tell me to check my Californian privilege.

Please share this. We need to educate America and get rid of this myth of snow. God Bless.


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