Goals for lynnqyu in 2015

2014. What a freakin’ year.

This was a year about living loud and chasing dreams.

This blog was created first and foremost for myself, as a place to write and publish my thoughts on things that I couldn’t really share via social media/would not be published elsewhere. It’s been extremely cathartic and therapeutic, so in that sense, it’s more than succeeded. I am extremely pleased and pleasantly surprised with what this blog has done for my mental health and happiness.

The other auxiliary intention of creating this blog was an attempt to “expand my brand” and stamp myself as a presence on the Interwebs. In that sense, I have utterly failed. Statistically speaking, my audience is small (sincere thank you to friends who read), and I’ve done little to amp that up. I started out with almost weekly posts in July and had a good month in September, but by late fall I petered out to posting infrequently here and there. In all of November, I posted here once.

These first few months I’ve dabbled around to see what people respond well to and what people like to read. I’ve posted everything from pretentious musings on Las Vegas and lost friendships, to epic happenings like Halloween as a Lyft driver or sneaking into Outsidelands to see Kanye, to crowdsourced articles on post-grad life, to my farragoes of absurdities on the ridiculous things I overhear on a day-to-day basis.

What seems to generate the most reader interest are my funnier pieces, and the crowd-sourced posts. No one cares all too much when I tell them my thoughts on the City of Sin. So basically, the Internet is telling me to cut down on the pretentious philosophizing and knock back more beers.

What does this all mean for the brand of lynnqyu?

I plan on undergoing some massive revamping here for what this blog will look like. Here are some goals for 2015:

1. Posting at least once a week. I’ll try. I swear, I’ll do my best to produce more content for the five of you reading this thing.

2. Writing more comedy/satire-type pieces. I’ve noticed that everytime I sit down to write for this blog, I immediately wander over to the “let’s-be-serious-and-talk-about-deep-shit” route. That often doesn’t work out too well for me, since A) these pieces are a lot harder to write and B) no one reads them anyway.

In 2015, I want to see where humor on paper takes me. The most recent piece on racism and snow  was popular, and I’ll aim to do more of those this year.

3. CONTROVERSYIn 2014, I shied away from touching controversial topics in fear of severe backlash and Internet trolls (notice how my post on Ferguson/Eric Garner was a cop out of a response. It’s so much of a cop out I’m not even going to hyperlink it here). Screw that, I was a political science major and I have a lot of opinions. Bring the pain.

4. More Absurdities. Farragoes of them, in fact. That seems to be a well-liked series. I’ll keep it coming, but with commentary on current events too, John Oliver-style, instead of confining it to just musings on my life.

Aesthetically, I don’t plan on changing too much with this blog. Content first, I say! And content shall be brought.

Cheers to making you laugh, and stirring up extreme ire in the hearts of many readers.

Here’s to 2015.


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