“We’re all just passing through”

“We’re all just passing through.”

If I had to get a tattoo on my body right now, this is the phrase I would permanently etch into my skin.

I was watching Richard Linklater’s “Before Midnight,” when one of the characters in the film utters: “We’re all just passing through.”

It’s so true ā€” there’s no point holding grudges, being angry, staying irritable, etc. when at the end of the day, we’re all just here for a short while anyway.

It’s taken me close to a year to come to this place of zen.

My friend told a story to me about a month ago:

Two men walk to work every day. On their way, they purchase a newspaper from the newspaper boy. The newspaper boy is consistently rude to the them. But one of the men is always cheerful and friendly to the boy.

Man 1: “Why do you treat him so well when he’s always so rude to us?”

Man 2: “Why should I let his attitude determine the way I behave towards him?”

So often we let other’s actions have agency over our own reactions. Don’t let someone else take agency for the way you act towards them.

We’re all just passing through anyway.


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