Rage Post June 2015

No one likes a stream of angriness, so I thought I’d combine all the things I’m angry about right now into one post.

1. How are we fracking and gas is STILL $4/gallon?!

Like if we were doing all this environmental damage to the Earth, using up a crap-ton of water, inducing earthquakes, and gas was 95 cents a gallon, this might be a little acceptable. But goddamnit Capitalism, how dare you ruin the world AND overcharge us for it like you’ve been doing for the past 200 years! I will not have this shit!

-sits in her car and has this shit because she lives in Southern California-

2. Emma Stone playing an Asian-American in “Aloha”

There’s a new Cameron Crowe movie coming out soon called “Aloha” in which Emma Stone will play a character who is a quarter Chinese and a quarter Hawaiian. Emma Stone.

I read an article somewhere whose headline regarding this is “Literally Why” and that is probably the two most accurate words to sum up any feelings about this casting decision.

I have a hard time believing there isn’t a single Asian-American actress who could have carried the role. Obvi Crowe wanted star power attached to the film because big bucks, and so to both Capitalism and Casting I say: Literally Why.

3. Jon Snow 

I think I am one of the few Millennials I know who hates Jon Snow’s storyline in “Game of Thrones.” But if you think about it Jon Snow’s storyline is really just “I am cold” and “let me fight some monsters in the North” and “goddamn, it is so cold right now” for hours on end.

Please move on.

4. People being confused about Caitlyn Jenner

People be like “I don’t get it, what is gender” and I’m like that is exactly the point, it’s not a real thing so calm down and live your life and let her lives hers.

5. Arizona

#NotMyAmerica. Nuff said.



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