Lessons from 2015

A year ago, I asked the beautiful crowdsource how they were doing in the post-grad deluge. The responses were overwhelming.

It’s that time of year to check in with all you good people and your Millennial angst. What are your big takeaways from the past year? How is post-grad life treating you now as compared to last year? If you’re a recent grad, how’s it feel settling into the corporate grind?

Write me a sentence, write me a paragraph, or write me a novel, but fill out the form here.

Afterwards I’ll compile all the responses into one long blog post. Cheers!


One thought on “Lessons from 2015

  1. Happiness is a choice- in prior years I thought if I had one more thing, a better job, lost just 10more lbs, a relationship, ect…then I would be happy. This year I realized it is more a mindset and choice, and even those who have all those things are not happy for long

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